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I’ve been thinking a lot about my own complacency lately. I’m trying to understand it rather than rationalize it but if I’m honest, so far it’s all rationalizing, no understanding.

NFL season is about to start. I know full damn well that people bashing their heads together is bad for their brains. But I’ll skip the set up and get straight to the punchline: Fuck that, the NFL is back! Woohoo! Give me Giants/Cowboys!  Give me Aikman & Buck, Colinsworth & Michaels and Romo & Nance!

There are trillions of words out there about the Civil War. Feels like there have been a billion of them just about the statues lately. Hell, I think ESPN’s Robert Lee might have been given a million words.

But, same exercise as with the NFL: skip the setup and get straight to the punch line: “Of course many people are offended by what are reasonably perceived as homages to slavery!”

That doesn’t take a billion words and if you look at it that way it’s the one thing I think everyone actually agrees on!

Sure, that means some will say “I know the homages to slavery are offensive to many people, but I don’t care if they are offended. I want my homages to slavery!” and I know some of you who’ve staked a claim on the moral high ground are thinking “C’mon man, you can’t compare THESE two things!?!”

Can’t I?

With apologies to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards “I shouted out who gave the high school, college and NFL players CTE!? When, after all, it was you and me.”

Who? Who?

There are a billion words out there on complacency too. I’m going to focus on just these six: “I know, but I don’t care.”


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