(Updated) Olbermann sees huge viewership spike on first day of Keith Olbermann’s suspension


We don’t know if it was the NASCAR fans or Penn State students and alums with Nielsen boxes looking to make a point, or simply that news of his suspension was  good marketing, but Olbermann was the most-watched show on ESPN2 on Tuesday with 398,000 viewers.

That’s the biggest number we can remember seeing for the show, at least since it moved to the 5p slot on ESPN2. That was up 113% from the previous day’s show and up 275% from the previous Tuesday.

Update February 26, 2015: On the second day of Keith’s suspension the numbers fell back to earth (132,000 viewers) dashing our hopes of doing a “Is Adnan Virk the new Wally Pipp?” post. Don’t take it completely seriously, we don’t mean it completely literally, we just…

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