Packers-Seahawks, Colts-Patriots Conference Championships down from last year


With the game a blowout in the second-half it’s not a huge surprise that the AFC Conference Championship between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots earned a 24.2 overnight metered market household rating, the lowest of any conference title game  in six years. In 2009 both conference championships were lower with the Eagles-Cardinals earning a 24.0 in the early game and Steelers-Ravens earning a 23.8.

The Seattle Seahwaks’ stunning comeback victory  over the Green Bay Packers fared better with a 29.1 overnight metered market household rating. But that was down from last year’s Broncos-Pats matchup in the early game.  Yesterday’s game peaked from 6:15-6:30 (Overtime!) with a 34.3 rating.

Milwaukee was the top market for the Packers-Seahawks (no surprise, it was the top local market all year) with Seattle-Tacoma close behind with 51.9.  For Colts-Patriots the local market rating in Boston was 51.1 and 47.0 in Indy.

Most of the above via Austin Karp of the Sports Business Journal.

Via Aaron Levine, locally in Seattle the Packers-Seahawks game peaked from 3:15-3:30 with a 58.6 rating and a 91 share – 91% of the households in Seattle watching TV at the time were watching the game!

Overnight household rating = the live+same day DVR overnight metered-market household rating from the top 56 Nielsen television markets. The 56 markets (out of 210 total) account for about 70% of the US TV-viewing population. The  overnight household rating is  the percentage of the households that were tuned-in in those markets. The share is the percentage of the households that were watching TV at the time.

Example: a 21 household rating with a 40% share means that on average 21% of all the households (in those 56 markets) were tuned-in and that 40% of the households watching TV at the time were tuned-in. 

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