Ratings delays


Update Monday, March 20, 2017: Nielsen is back on its regular schedule, but I have yet to see full data for last Monday-Thursday tables (final #s through Thursday have been released. Friday #s won’t be out until this afternoon). Hopefully I will see them today or tomorrow (Tuesday) and get back on track w/a normal posting schedule.

Months ago when planning the annual TVbytheNumbers founders reunion* (neither of us is is affiliated with TVBTN any longer) I deliberately nixed any March Tuesdays because Tuesday is the day when the weekend and weekly ratings numbers are released. Usually. Almost always really, if you exclude weeks where Monday is a Federal holiday.

So I’m here on Tuesday, but…Daylight Saving Time and a power outage in Orlando, Florida threw a wrench into my plans. As of this writing (4:30P ET on March 14)  there is no ETA yet for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday numbers.

My guess is they’ll be available tomorrow (Wednesday, March 15) but unfortunately, I won’t be.  On the off chance data is waiting for me by the time I wake up on Wednesday, I’ll post it**, but otherwise I won’t be playing catch-up until early Thursday morning. But don’t despair.

When the numbers are available, Showbuzzdaily.com will post the top 150 cable programs sorted by adults 18-49.  Between that and the weekend “SKEDBALL” that ShowBuzzDaily posts, 95+% of the stuff people are usually looking for will be there. Those of you who dwell in the other 5% will have to wait until Thursday. I can’t say this enough: ShowBuzzDaily’s SKEDBALL is awesome. Even if you love me, you should still check it out (because even in weeks without power outages they’ll still post it faster than I will + SKEDBALL includes numbers for the broadcast networks that I never include.

*We have been religious about meeting annually for the reunions despite the fact that when we were business partners we once went five years without any face-to-face contact! And we still managed to create a successful business we were able to sell. Thank you, Internet!

**If that happens you should buy a lottery ticket and still check out “SKEDBALL.”

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