Roger Goodell makes ESPN tap dance while allowing Fox Sports to moon the NFL?



There’s a moon in the sky and it’s called the Moon but here I’m thinking more of Fox Sports as Randy Moss pantomiming dropping its drawers in the end zone and shaking its ass in the NFL’s face. Isn’t that what Fox is doing to the NFL by putting the decisively divisive nitwit Clay Travis on its airwaves?

Sure, the show is on a network and in a time slot where it’ll be watched by few. And sure, Clay probably won’t say “boobs” on FS1. Probably. And he will almost certainly not have a forum on TV to trash the NFL’s ratings and spin the ratings declines of the past couple of years as being a Colin Kaepernick thing as he has religiously done on the internet. He pounds that gavel more often than the president.

But unlike the president the NFL does have a relationship with Fox Sports. If I’m Roger Goodell and Brian Rolapp I’m doing some “Hey Fox Sports, I thought we were partners?! Why are you rewarding a clown who makes a living trashing your good partner by putting him on TV? We don’t like that!”

And if I’m Bob Iger I’m on the phone with Roger and Brian with some “Hey, why are you letting Fox shake its ass in your face like that while making me make my boy Jimmy P. march in a straight line? Very unfair! I know they paid a lot for the Thursday night package but it wasn’t ‘gets to rub the NFL’s nose in Fox’s rear end!’ kind of money. What’s up with that?”

Sports media fan fiction Bob Iger raises a good question: what is up with that?


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