Seahawks-Patriots ‘Sunday Night Football’ posts best week 10 overnight rating in 5 years


The Seattle Seahawks win over the New England Patriots on ‘Sunday Night Football’ drew a 14.3/23 overnight rating/share (14.3% of the homes in the biggest 56 markets watched the game and 23% of the homes watching TV at the time were tuned-in.)

That was the best week 10 overnight rating in 5 years (14.5 for Patriots-Jets in 2011) and up 13% from last year’s week 10 game (Cardinals-Seahawks) that drew a 12.6.

Top local markets via NBC Sports PR:

Seattle 48.2/70
Boston 34.9/54
Providence 26.6/40
Portland 24.0/37
Albuquerque 20.7/30
Las Vegas 18.8/28
Denver 18.7/31
Phoenix 18.1/29
Sacramento 17.8/29
Hartford 17.0/26

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