Some MLB Opening Day local Regional Sports Network (RSN) ratings


 via Fox Sports:

FOX Sports San Diego: SD 3, LAD 6

·       Highest-rated game ever on FOX Sports San Diego (5.4 HH rating) and +34% in viewership over last year’s opener.

FOX Sports Kansas City: KC 10, CWS 1

·       Highest-rated Royals season-opener ever (11.7 HH rating) and +89% higher than the 2014 home opener (6.2 HH rating).

FOX Sports Ohio: PIT 2, CIN 5

·       Generated a 18.63 HH rating on FOX Sports Ohio in simulcast with WKRC, up slightly over last year’s home opener (18.37 HH).

FOX Sports Detroit: MIN 0, DET 4

·       Scored a 13.8 HH rating and was #2-rated program of the entire day in Detroit, behind only the NCAA Championship game.

SportsTime Ohio: HOU 2, CLE 0

·       Delivered a 5.7 HH rating, beating ESPN’s rating for the same game by 58% (3.6 HH rating).

FOX Sports Florida: MIA 1, ATL 2

·       Earned a 2.6 HH rating, +35% in viewership over last year’s home opener, making it the most watched Marlins’ Opening Day on FOX Sports Florida since 2011.

FOX Sports South: MIA 1, ATL 2

·       Posted a 3.32 HH rating, out pacing last year’s opener by 54%.

YES Network: TOR 6, NYY 1

·       Earned a 4.03 HH rating, +8% in viewership over last year’s home opener and recorded a 146% increase in Persons 18-34 with a 102% increase in Males 18-34.

FOX Sports Arizona: SF 5, ARI 4

·       Scored a 3.7 HH rating, beating ESPN2’s 1.2 HH rating for the same game by 280%.

FOX Sports Southwest: TEX 0, OAK 8

·       Produced a 2.80 HH rating, +25% compared to the Rangers 2014 season average.

Data is courtesy of Nielsen Media Research, for each MLB team’s home market DMA.

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