Sunday’s UFC Fight Night averaged 2.288 million viewers on FS1


Sunday’s UFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs Cruz event on FS1 averaged 2.288 million viewers from 10:00p-12:40a ET. That’s a bit down from the year ago McGregor vs Siver fight night that averaged 2.751 million viewers.

In addition to having McGregor, last year’s event had a couple of other advantages. For one, it was 25 minutes shorter (1op-12:15a) and it was also aired on the day of the NFC Conference Championship on Fox which draws more viewers than the divisional round where it was promoted this year.

The UFC prelims, on the other hand, had quite the uptick depending on how you want to look at it. Last year’s Prelims for the McGregor-Siver event were longer, running from 7-10pm ET and averaging 908,000 viewers. This year’s prelims ran from 8-10p ET and averaged 1.767 million viewers.

Per Fox Sports the main event peaked with 2.464 million viewers from 10:45-11:00p ET.

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