How much bigger is ESPN than FS1? – August 2017 Cable Coverage Estimates

August 2, 2017

Nielsen typically updates its universe estimates in late August/early September for the coming TV season, so I wanted to post the last set of cable coverage estimates under the current estimates. I plan on posting the first set of #s under the new universe estimates in late August or early September. **DO THESE NUMBERS INCLUDE STREAMING SERVICES LIKE SlingTV, Vue and DirecTV Now?** In the past that was a simple…


How much bigger is ESPN than FS1? – March 2017 Cable Coverage Estimates

March 7, 2017

It’s always better to view these numbers over time as a directional trend than to take any one particular month seriously, but the trend is down, down, down and March was no exception. March outliers: NBCSN gaining a million+ households. This is probably because of the new deal w/DirecTV though per Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand, that was to have added about 3 million homes so keep your eye out…


How many more homes is ESPN in than FS1? – February 2017 Cable Coverage Estimates

January 31, 2017

Networks (not just sports networks) continued to shed homes in Nielsen’s February cable coverage estimates.. Among sports networks FS2 was the only network to not suffer drops versus the December estimates. And for the first time in recent memory, ESPN actually increased its lead over FS1 in household coverage because FS1’s losses outpaced ESPN’s. Over the past year or so FS1 had managed to gain ground on ESPN simply by…


How many more homes is ESPN in than FS1? – December 2016 Cable Coverage Estimates

November 28, 2016

I’ve been following Nielsen’s cable coverage estimates for nearly a decade. Usually it’s best to focus on the long term trend and ignore month-to-month differences. The long term trend is down and none of the networks dispute that, but the acceleration of the declines for many of the networks over the last few months has been eye-popping. Two tables below: first is the change versus the September estimates, second is the…


How many more homes is ESPN in than FS1? – November 2016 Cable Coverage Estimates

November 4, 2016

Update: as many of you know Nielsen reviewed these estimates per request so I pulled down the numbers while they were under review. Nielsen has now validated its findings so I’m putting them back up. Here’s ESPN’s statement on the November estimates: “This most recent snapshot from Nielsen is a historic anomaly for the industry and inconsistent with much more moderated trends observed by other respected third party analysts. It also…


How many more homes is ESPN in than FS1? – October 2016 edition

September 29, 2016

  After across-the-board gains in the September cable coverage estimates due to changes in Nielsen’s methodology, cable TV as a whole resumed its downward trend in the October estimates. Most of the cable sports networks were not spared though FS1 and NBCSN saw small gains month over month. NFL Network saw a 767,000 home increase in the October estimates but I’m not sure why (the increase due to the resolution of…


ESPN up but rebels close in on the Death Star: How many more homes is ESPN in than FS1? – September 2016 edition

August 26, 2016

If you want to skip the jibber jabber you can just scroll down to the tables. If you’re on a mobile phone, please tilt it sideways so you can  read the tables. Highlights: After many, many months of declines, ESPN and everybody else was up in Nielsen’s September cable coverage estimates. But despite the up month for ESPN, FS1 made up considerable ground. In the August estimates FS1 trailed ESPN by 6.1…


On ESPN’s (and other networks’) subscriber losses – August 2016 edition

August 3, 2016

This is an update to a somewhat regularly posted series usually headlined “How Many More Homes is ESPN in than FS1 and NBC Sports Network?” If you want to get straight to the tables, scroll down. To address the most frequently asked questions about these posts: Question: does this count streaming services like Sling TV and Playstation Vue? Answer: NO!  A lot of people must ask this questions because at some…