2016 Primetime ratings & viewership for NBC’s Olympics coverage through August 9, 2016

August 10, 2016

I have been tweeting the primetime viewership numbers for NBC’s coverage of the summer Olympics on its broadcast network, but several people have asked for them so here’s a table through Tuesday, August 9. If you’re on a mobile phone this will be a lot easier to read if you tilt it to landscape mode: 2016 Olympics NBC Primetime Net Start End HH Rtg/Shr Total Viewers (000) Viewers Age 18-49…


Why are ratings down for the Summer Olympics?

August 8, 2016

Lots of people are weighing in on the ratings declines for the first few days of NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics and many reasons have been thrown into the digital ether, including: tape delays NBC’s commentators are awful broader availability on cable (AKA the “not down when you add it all up!” hypothesis) more commercials. the athletes involved Zika is gross NBC is cannibalizing its TV #s with its digital…


Overnight ratings for Olympic Opening Ceremony were brutal: “tape delay” or “just don’t care?”

August 6, 2016

NBC averaged a 16.5 overnight rating from 8-11:30 PM. Reasonable people can argue over the cause (tape delay, don’t care, streaming, Trump vs Hillary, Netflix, etc) but there’s no arguing the numbers are way down from 2012 (London) and other recent opening nights and that NBC PR and executives are having a rough morning. I’m team “just don’t care.” NBC says there was 42,000,000 minutes of streaming but that works…