Where have all the sports TV viewers gone?



Sports Business Journal weighs in with an excellent piece on the topic of declining sports TV ratings. If you remain on the fence about whether the election is a major factor in recent declines (and I won’t blame you if you are) the chart at the bottom of the story which includes Y/Y comparisons for cable sports nets and cable news networks is still…pretty crazy*.

Go for the story, stay for the chart. Also a nice bonus of a 12 minute podcast with SBJ’s John Ourand and Austin Karp.

*The September numbers in the chart are from 8/29-9/25 so they don’t include last Monday’s presidential debate which works against the cable news networks but paints a rosier primetime picture for the cable sports nets (particularly ESPN) than numbers for the actual calendar month would have. Not a conspiracy, just the way Nielsen reports numbers for the month. Numbers that include the first debate will be reflected in Nielsen’s October numbers.

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